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Course Overview

The Advanced Diploma in Crime Scene Investigation & Forensic Science is endorsed and recognised by the world renowned Chartered Forensic Science Society CFSSoc .  This is the first course of its kind in Ireland to be recognised by the society. The Forensic Science Society is the professional body for Forensic practitioners and recognition of this course by the society provides you with the assurance and peace of mind  to advance in this highly regarded profession.

The Advanced course is open to people from various backgrounds and applicants when booking the course with CMi online must state reasons why they intend to do the course.  Many students will go on to work in forensic science laboratories, become crime scene investigators or work in crime prevention and security. 


The csi crime scene investigation advanced diploma course examines the entire process of conducting forensic science from the collection of evidence at the crime scene, through the examination of that evidence, to the presentation of how the evidence is processed.


Course Aims

Students will have the opportunity to examine real 'mock' cri
me scenes. Crime scenes will range from indoor crime scenes to outdoor crime scenes. Once you collect the evidence at the crime scene in your designated CSI team made up of class peers, you will be expected to present a statement in a court room environment based on the particular case. By attending a real mock crime scene, this will allow you apply theory learned in the classroom to practice. 

The CSI Crime Scene Investigation part of the course examines the preservation, documentation and collection of evidence at the crime scene. You will learn how to approach the crime scene, package the evidence and the documentation required. You will learn crime scene investigation methods including examining trace evidence, impressions, Body Fluids, DNA, questioned documents, and fingerprints are examined as well as the investigation of a fire scene and firearms.


csi kits


The life of a real Crime Scene Investigator is examined as well as methods and procedures used in attending crime scenes.  Students will be trained how to use a Forensic CSI Kit which will include:  Protective Clothing, CSI Tape to preserve crime scene, Evidence bags, Cards, Swabs and finger print powder. Each student will then be required to attend a mock crime scene and collect evidence. 



CSI students investigators


You will be assessed on how you processed a mock crime scene, on how you collected  and recorded evidence. Mistakes can easily be made under time pressure and you will need to be well prepared going into the sealed crime scene. You will be expected to deconstruct and reconstruct the crime scene, building up an insight into the case, and present the evidence in the form of a ‘statement’ . The statement will explain how you  processed the crime scene and will state where the evidence was found. This statement is presented by you in a  court room environment and you will be cross examined by a barrister.  Clarity and confidence in delivering factual information based on your recorded notes will be required while under pressure of cross examination.





You will learn crime scene investigation methods and procedures and will be trained by professionals who work with An Garda Siochana and one of whom formerly worked with the Washington Police department as a civilian CSI.  Lecturers are highly qualified and  have several years experience in this area.


Forensic Society Membership

Students doing this recognised course with CMI will get automatic FREE e-student membership for ONE YEAR for the Forensic Society. At the start of the course, you will be given personal access code and password. 


Once you log on to the Forensic Society website - click here  you will have access to a world of knowledge available at your fingertips. The most popular aspect of membership is access to the latest jobs and journal publications. When you join the course you will get the following with Forensic Society membership:

  • Access to Forensic Science Jobs
  • Receive a Quarterly copy of Science & Justice
  • Access to publications and books on Forensic Science with 20% discount
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  • Online access to Science and Justice (back to volume 35, produced in 1995)
  • Representation of members to the Forensic Science Regulator, Government and other professional bodies
  • Affiliation with the California Association of Criminalists (CAC)
  • 20% discount on Wiley Books
  • Reduced rates for online access of 5 Forensic Journals published by Elsevier
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For more information on membership that you get with this course click here Forensic Society


Entry & Progression:

Applicants from various levels of work experience and qualifications are accepted on this course. Graduates can pursue further study in areas such as  Law, Social work, Biological Sciences, Community work, Crime Prevention, and Sociology.

Awards: CSI Crime Scene Investigation & Forensic Science Advanced Diploma -  

Award Body:  CMI  (endorsed by Chartered Forensic Science Society)





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