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Child Psychology

Child Psychology Course Overview

The Child Psychology course (age 2- 16) is a fascinating study of the developmental stages of childhood from conception to Adolescence. 


The course will provide you with an amazing insight into the cognitive, social and emotional development of children. It will help you understand the psychological situations that can affect how a child behaves in particular in the context of his/her family, school and our larger society. 


Whether you are a parent yourself or work within the childcare profession this course will provide you with the range of skills and knowledge to help you facilitate child development. It is ideal for people working with or planning to work with children, or anyone interested in the development of children such as parents, special needs assistants, Project workers, Teachers and Nurses and those in the caring professions. 



 Upon completion you will be able to:


1. Analyse different theoretical child psychology models
2. Understand child and adolescent development
3. Learn scientific methods in relation to a childs psychology
4. Factors influencing a child’s psychological development
5. Interpret social development
6. Assess school age children and their interaction with peers and family
7. Assess impact of technology in an adolescent’s learning and development



Award:  Child Psychology Level 6 Minor Award 6N2023 Further Education and Training


Award Body: QQI - Quality and Qualifications Ireland





Child Psychology

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